Why WESTCOAST’S L&O service is so effective

Tailored service plans: Our success comes from customizing fertilization and protection plans. Soil, climatic conditions, type of damage and landscape maintenance play an important role in shaping our individualized FERTILIZATION services

Meticulous execution: Palm trees need year-round attention. In fact, winter palm tree treatments are vital to ensuring a healthy growing season. The trained and experienced arborists at Westcoast are thorough in their palm tree care service. Meticulous pruning, fertilization and winterization techniques all contribute to the vibrancy of your green palms.

Accurate tree assessment: We always perform a detailed tree assessment before determining the tree care service you require. Our certified arborists inspect your trees for damage (weather, insect, disease, etc.) as well as nutrition and soil deficiencies. Accurate diagnosis is the key to effective palm tree care solutions.

Satisfaction guaranteed: Tree health and customer satisfaction are the prime focus of our Florida palm tree care service. We pay attention to detail so the job is done right the first time and every time.

Commercial Fertilizer Held in Gloved Hands