aba1610854f2482dde173d2f8989057dIt may not seem like it’s here but Winter has come, take a look at these 5 tips for the winter months:

  1. Inspect your irrigation system and make sure your plants are getting good coverage. When a freeze is imminent, watering your plants well is the best protection from freeze damage.
  2. Add at least two to three inches of new mulch, preferable pine bark because it is a renewable resource. This will insulate your plants from the cold and hold in the moisture.
  3. Start buying your plant cover materials now so you have them ready when a freeze is predicted. Burlap by the roll is a great product because it’s cheap and the width is just right for laying down in rows or wrapping around a freeze-tender shrub.
  4. Make space for winter color, like poinsettias, pansies, and Geraniums.
  5. Trim the dead wood from your trees and shrubs. Do not prune shrubs that will bloom in late winter or spring, like azaleas or bougainvilleas.

We hope this information is helpful and if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Happy Holidays!!!!

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