New Technology in a Green World

New Technology in a Green World

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Technology is not always the first thing people think of when they think about landscaping. Getting your hands dirty, green grass, lush soil, and well-watered lawns might come to mind instead. But what if we told you that technology has become a key component for Westcoast? Both for our business strategy and for our lawn care?

Rain sensors are an integral piece of our irrigation planning. Not only can we better manage the overall water needs, but we can immediately change our course of action if necessary. We are able to remotely shut down irrigation if for example, we are alerted that there is a heavy rainfall or a leak in the system. Those alerts come through in real time and also remotely so we can make changes from anywhere.

There is another piece of technology that most of use every day. But it’s not necessarily thought of for landscaping – smart phones and tablets. Yes, it seems like in day-to-day life we can barely live without them, but for many gardProper irrigation is key to building sustainable landscape designsening is an escape, a time to get outdoors, leave technology behind and connect with the earth. For professionals, however, they are one of the best tools we have to enhance our services.

Through our smart phones and tablet computers we are able to instantly access our customer records, and that includes notes, pictures, noted issues with plants and more. We can instantly pick up a conversation we’d had the week before or compare progress on an area by looking at photos we’ve taken along the way. Our goal is to provide our customers with consistent, excellent service and the addition of smart phones to our business has greatly enhanced that ability.

Of course, technology has a huge impact on landscape design and internally, we’ve also implemented new technologies that make operations run smoother. We’re a company that has grown significantly over the years, but our commitment to our customers and to our employees has never changed.

Finally, we’re looking to technology to better communicate with our customers. You’re reading this article on our website’s new blog feature. fertilizerguy2You may have come to this article from our Facebook or LinkedIn pages. We see technology as one more way that we can establish and nurture our long-term relationships with our clients. For us, this business has always been about long term growth and sustainability – both in terms of our landscaping and customer relationships. Being able to connect more readily via technology is a necessity and a piece of our core business philosophy.

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