Landscaping News Roundup

Landscaping News Roundup

As we round out August, it’s time for a new feature – our Landscaping News Roundup. We’ve gathered some of the top sources for trends, news, and important landscaping information. Here’s what currently trending in landscaping.



Xeriscape backyard example

Xeriscaped backyard, credit City of Rio Rancho

Conservation is a hot topic right now, especially in the world of landscaping. We need to ensure we are doing everything we can to landscape using responsible methods and practices. Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping that uses low-water techniques.


Landscaping can use a lot of water, and in areas with water restrictions, that can become a problem. Even in non-restricted areas, it may be a good idea to test out xeriscaping to see if it can work for you and conserve water in the process. You can check out the full details of xeriscaping from Forbes here.


Natural Florida landscape at Gillespie Museum, credit Stetson University

Natural Florida landscape at Gillespie Museum, credit Stetson University

Also focusing on conservation and sustainability, ecoscaping is another popular landscaping trend that we’ve noticed. Many home and business owners are reducing the size of their lawns and are selective native plants, especially in water-restricted areas. Not only will that lessen the amount of water being used, but it will decrease overall maintenance costs.

You don’t have to sacrifice the look of your yard by making it sustainable – in fact, we find that using local plants can really enhance the look of your lawn. If you’re interested in creating a sustainable yard, you can find more information about ecoscaping here.

Should you finance an outdoor project with a loan?

image of dollar bills representing a landscaping loan

Should you ask the bank for funds for your landscaping project?

Some landscaping projects can be too big for even the healthiest of savings accounts to handle – should you consider a landscaping loan to finance the project? Or should you use your savings? That’s what this article helps you decide.

While getting a loan allows you to keep your savings intact, you’ll end up paying interest on your project. Everyone’s finances are different and this article is a great resource to help you understand your various options for a large landscaping project.

Keeping your pets safe when landscaping

dog on grass representing pet safety when landscaping

Make sure what you put on your lawn doesn’t hurt your pets.

Our pets are part of our family, and it’s our job to keep them safe in our yards. There are landscaping products and plants that you should avoid using if you want to keep your pets safe. Certain mulches and flowers are toxic to animals when ingested. Check out the list of things to avoid and other landscaping tips in this article.

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